Questions and Answers

Q: How much does it cost to rent a margarita machine from Margaritas Pronto?
A: Margarita machine rental prices start at $159.00  ( excluding holidays) depending on the date and if it is a holiday. This includes delivery within our Free Delivery Area, set up, pick up, your first bottle of drink mix concentrate, pre-marked five gallon jug for easy mixing, a cart to place the machine on, cups and straws. Also salt if for margaritas.

Q: Are the machines easy to use?
A: They are very easy to use! We mix your first batch and show you how to use the machine on delivery. We leave clear printed instructions and offer an after hours cell phone number. NO ICE NEEDED.

Q: How many drinks does one batch make?
A: A typical batch of frozen margaritas makes about 70 – 80 eight-ounce drinks. Our experience shows that on average fifty percent of guest will usually opt to drink the frozen drinks, even if you offer other beverage choices. Of course, the hotter it is outside, the more guests may opt for the frozen drinks. We recommend one batch for every 20 – 30 guests. Extra drink mixes are $20.00 and are fully refundable if returned unopened.

Q: How long does a batch take to freeze?
A: About 45 minutes if the machines is indoors (75 F degrees): longer if outdoors and warmer (depending on temperature). These machines will work outside in the shade, but work best indoors. Faby Slush Machine must be used inside.

Q: Who provides the alcohol and how much will I need?
A: The customer provides all liquor. A typical batch of our margaritas calls for 3 liters of tequila, depending on the flavor. Of course drinks can be made stronger or weaker to taste.

Q: Are other drink flavors available?
A: Of course! You can serve Mango Margaritas, Strawberry Margaritas, Strawberry Daiquiris, Pina Coladas, Blue Curacao Margaritas, and slush mixes for the kids – other flavors available if booked in advance. All mixes can be made alcohol free for the kiddos!

Q: How far in advance should I reserve my machine?
A: We recommend at least two to three weeks for a Saturday night rental from April thru October and December. If you are thinking of using a Margarita Pronto margarita machine for your wedding, you may even consider ordering it one to two months in advance.

Q: What do I need when you deliver the machine?
A: When we deliver your machine, we will need to speak with someone who will be responsible for the operation of the machine to sign the rental agreement and receive instructions. We will also need access to 115V AC outlet on a dedicated circuit (Extension cords are not recommended) and we need the alcohol required for your first batch. We will make your first batch of mix and make sure the machine is set up and operating properly, then we will give you the operation instructions.

If your location has more than two steps leading into it, please let us know at the time of rental. (We cannot deliver to most areas with over 2 steps so please call to discuss the actual area.) Most of our machines are VERY heavy. Sorry, no delivery to areas that have a flight of stairs or more unless there is an elevator or ramp of some sort (i.e. no multi floor apartment deliveries)

Gratuities for the delivery driver are not required, but they are greatly appreciated.

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